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MTIA always strives to give Missouri consumers the telecommunications information they need to meet their business or personal goals.

In our Consumer Corner we provide you with in-depth responses to consumer questions. If you have a consumer question, please e-mail us.

Important numbers you should know:
Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association

Public Service Commission

Federal Communications Commission

Look on your latest phone bill for the phone number of your telecommunications provider.

  • Missouri Industry Profile The telecommunications industry in Missouri is very diverse, including dozens of local exchange carriers, wireless service providers and long distance carriers. We hope this section provides a useful overview of this dynamic industry and the essential services it provides to all Missourians.
  • Missouri No Call Both federal and state law, as well as private business marketing groups, all provide ways for consumers to reduce the number of unsolicited residential telemarketing calls they receive. Use this link to find out more about these programs.
  • How do I read my phone bill? Produced Cooperatively by the Missouri Public Service Commission and the Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association, the following pages offer clear, concise directions for understanding your phone bill.
  • A Guide to Safe and Responsible Wireless Phone Use MTIA urges all wireless phone users to join our commitment to wireless responsibility by following these simple tips.
  • offers up to date news about the telecommunications industry. Browse subject headings or sign up for daily news.
  • Billing itself as the world’s first animated technical dictionary, this site is a vast clearinghouse of telecommunications information. Though not directly associated with MTIA, we recommend a visit for simple answers to your complex tech questions. If you don’t already have it, you will need the Shockwave Plug-In to make use of the site.