Reading a Phone Bill

This Information Has Been Produced Cooperatively by the Missouri Public Service Commission and the Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association. Look on your latest phone bill for the phone number to reach your telecommunications provider.

Missouri’s telecommunications providers and the Missouri Public Service Commission are working on ways to make your bill easier to read and understand. There are ongoing efforts to explain charges and credits in less technical language.

A telephone bill is typically organized into these general categories:

Return Page: Provides total charges, a return window address, and is to be included when mailing your payment.

Bill Summary Page: Gives the current account status, past-due amounts, current charges and the payment due date. Includes charges for other companies, such as a long-distance carrier.

Detail of Charges: Breaks down charges into such specific categories as local line charges, specific taxes and fees (such as gross receipts tax, 911 service), and services provided by the local phone company (such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding).

Other Charges and Credits: Accompanies detail of charges and can include such items as itemized long distance calls during the billing period, company’s charges, bill messages and other information.